Using The Services Of SEO Firms


When you spend some time doing SEO, often results can get frustrating. Either your site is not ranking as you expected or you have to spend so much time in SEO and optimization that you do not get the time to do other important tasks to build your business. If this is the case with you, you should work with a search engine optimization company so they can perform the SEO for you. There are so many SEO firms online that there is no doubt that you will find a suitable firm to work for you. However, at times, the issue is to select the best SEO services from the options you have at hand.

When you spend some time doing SEO, often results can get frustrating. Either your site is not ranking as you expected or you have to spend so much time in SEO and optimization that you do not get the time to do other important tasks to build your business. If this is the case with you, you should work with a search engine optimization company so they can perform the SEO for you. There are so many SEO firms online that there is no doubt that you will find a suitable firm to work for you. However, at times, the issue is to select the best SEO services from the options you have at hand.

They give you Guarantee to rank #1. If this is the case, the SEO company is probably over projecting their services and give you good reason to doubt them. Even the Google SEO tips state that no one can guarantee or predict #1 ranking no matter what keyword strategies are in use.

Get a reference from friends, business associates, etc. Word of mouth is significant for the reliability of a business.

Inquire in forums. You can look into some reliable Webmaster forums to gauge the performance of the SEO firm if you cannot get other recommendations. Visit the forums and try to read user comments regarding the services. However, be careful when assessing the comments as not all people on the forum are reliable. You may even have the firms own people pushing up their services on the panel. Just keep a random check as these forums are not as trustworthy as personal recommendations or references.

Search the Company on Google

If the company is a fraud, it is in all likelihood that they must have spread a lot of content about their services on the web. You may not find many negative opinions that do not reflect on the reliability of the SEO firms. Similarly, there are instances where, even with some negative reviews, the company is legit and can provide excellent SEO services.

You should directly ask the SEO firms to show you sites that they did optimization for using their services. A right firm will not shy away from providing your references and list of past clients. If a company resists such request with the reasons of client confidentiality, it should trigger a warning sign that the company is hiding such information. In most cases, the former clients of an SEO firm are not a secret but something a good company will use to advertise their work.

Check the PR Statistics: If the service site does not hold a PR of over 4 or 5, it indicated pooer optimization standards, and you should not work with such firms.

The Keyword to Rank Service Site. Ask the SEO firm about the keywords they use to rank their services, if they do not have such keywords, do not fall for their tall claims of providing you with high ranking keywords.

Are they employing Automated Submissions? If they use these practices, you better not hire them for SEO service as automated submissions can lead to the ban of your website from search engines.

Are they Relying on SEO Black Hat Practices?

You should have some understanding of black SEO practices so you can check these practices and if it is even worth going for such tactics.

How they get the Backlinks? There is no doubt that backlinks are essential. However, you should make sure that the services get such links from legit sites and no from link farms and other websites that are unreliable.

Get some Individual Opinions, if Attainable. Gut intuition and opinions from conferences are also a way to assess a firm, though seldom it is not hard to fall for misleading tactics, so use this strategy with discretion.

A high rate does not warrant superior quality. If you are keen to pay extra, this does not imply that you will get more from the services. If an SEO firm charges a premium amount, this does not mean that the SEO is best in the market. There could be reasons other than quality for the ridiculously high price. Maybe the service is all talk, and they want to make the most money while they can from their clients.

Low-cost can be More Costly.

This statement has some truth to it. If you think you can get the best services from an SEO firm that is charging you in peanuts, you need to reconsider. A good SEO company will no go overboard with their pricing; however, they will no be cheap as well.

Use some Difficult and Trick Question. Use this method, however, be careful with the approach, especially if you lack proper Edmonton SEO skills. You may confuse yourself further. However, you should not shy away from asking critical questions.

For example, you can ask about the automatic submission of your site to the search engines. Scam services will give you enormous numbers. An excellent service will negate using any automated submissions methods.

Another way to check the services is that you provide the services with the keyword of your choice and ask the SEO firm to get your words in the top 10 competitive keywords. A right SEO firm will not settle for the keyword you give them but will study your business model and suggest you the keyword. If a service blindly accepts your keyword, it means they are just trying to please you and have less to offer when it comes to SEO professionalism.

Are they Offering Subscription Options?

SEO is an ongoing process, and it requires continuous effort to keep the SEO productive. It is best to work with an SEO company that provides you with post-optimization services, instead of having a company that leaves you hanging at the top. You should check that the SEO firm offers the SEP Pay Per Click options. These services will help you continue the PPC efforts, to provide the best optimization to your marketing efforts.

SEO Tips You Should Know About


SEO, short for search engine optimization, is not advertising. However, it still costs both time and cash. If you have the money, then consider hiring a professional SEO expert. If you don’t have much money, then these SEO tips should be taken into consideration.

1. Keyword Research

The first thing you need to realize is you don’t know what all consumers want. This means researching keywords.

Consumers might type different terms and phrases into Google, and these phrases may not even be the industry jargon you’re familiar with. Researching keywords help you understand what people are searching for and how much of a demand there is for certain products and services.

There are many keyword research tools out there. The best ones use quantitative demand scoring, which helps people learn about the value of the keywords they are researching. One of the best tools you can use is the Google Keyword Planner tool. However, you do need a Google Ads account to get the most value from the Google Keyword Planner.

There are other tools you can use to research keywords. This includes Wordtracker, SEMrush, and Ubdersuggest, which is a Google autocomplete scraper tool.

2. Know Your Competition

Do a Google search for services and products you offer and pay close attention to the sites that are ranking high in the search results. In particular, pay attention to the sites that have a similar business model as yours. These sites are all competing with you for the same searches.

Are these sites doing well, and what are they doing that is helping them?
What kind of content themes are they using, and what do you think they are lacking?
Are there features that they are using that is appealing to prospects?
Also, what kind of reviews are being left on them and what kind of social media presence do they have?

3. Plan Your Website

When you have an understanding of what people want and what keywords and phrases they are searching for, you’ll want to determine what pages on your site can be used to address those searches.

You can create a spreadsheet of low, mid and top-tier web pages, as well as what their targeted keywords are. All keywords you are targeting should have a corresponding page on your site.

Long-tail keywords are long and very specific, but they drive fewer searches. For example, a long-tail keyword would be “how to remove red wine from carpets.” Use long-tail keywords on your site, in places such as FAQ pages and blog posts.

4. Optimize Your Website

Next, you want to create web pages, which can be challenging to do. Depending on the platform you’re using, and if you have access to designers and developers, then you might need to outsource some of the work you need to be done.

All websites should be mobile-friendly because more and more people are using the net via their tablets, smartphones, and so forth. Also, Google revealed that more than half of the searches are performed via a smartphone. This means mobile users should be able to use your site and have an engaging and seamless experience.

Besides that, Google ranks organic search results based on what kind of mobile experience the site/sites provide. This includes how fast pages are on mobile devices.

5. Create Content Regularly

You don’t have to turn your entire company into a publishing company. Plus, it’s not realistic for eCommerce sites to publish content every single day. However, you do need to create content regularly. Do this preferably 1-3 times per week.

Content can come in the form of photos, videos, and text. The type of content you’ll create or should create all depends on the audience you’re targeting and knowing what their preferences are.

6. DIY Public Relations

Do not purchases links because all of the search engines look down at this practice. Instead, have your own DIY public relations strategy. If you have PR reps, then work with them and have them take care of everything.

However, if you don’t have a PR rep, then don’t worry. You want to focus on building out sites that people will want to share. By doing this, you’ll likely get more links.

Create content that people want to share and talk about. Do this by producing content that is targeted at various segments of the media.

7. Work On Your Social Media Presence

Create a profile on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social media sites. This includes Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, to name a few. Social media lets companies connect with prospective and current customers.

The more exposure your content and brand get on social media, the more attention the search engines will give. In turn, your website could receive a good boost in the rankings.

8. Use Google Analytics

If you don’t have a clue what metrics you can measure, then you can’t optimize content. It is critical for businesses to use analytics when they are implementing digital marketing strategies. It is of the utmost importance to track performance.

Google Analytics is a great tool to use. It can be used to generate useful reports, and then you can analyze the data. After you do this, you can decide if you should make changes to your SEO program or if everything is fine. If you don’t want to use Google Analytics, then use other analytics tools, but Google Analytics is one of the top tools out there.



We are a registered society established for the enjoyment of building, driving and showing pre-1955 street and custom rods.

ESRA Executives:

President: Glen Ferko Phone: 780-232-6105 / email:EDMONTONSTREETROD@GMAIL.COM
Vice-President: Doug Trudel
Treasurer: Gene Boisvert 
Secretary: Angie De Haan 

Our Mailing Address is:

Edmonton Street Rod Association
Box 69187 Skyview RPO
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6V 1G7


General meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month (except December), 7:30PM

Location: Kingsway Legion 14339 – 50th Street
Note: Entrance is just north of the police station on 50th Street

When leaving and heading south, to avoid turning left onto 50th Street, go north to Miller Blvd
(South west of the Servus Credit Union parking lot, 14404 Miller Blvd), then right on Manning.

Visitors Are Always Welcome!


Membership fees are $25.00 per year. Come to one of the meetings as our guest and you can sign up, if you like what you see. Not all members own pre-1955 rods or customs, however, they all have a keen interest in these vehicles.


Member privileges include access to technical seminars organized by other club members, PLUS invitations to private gatherings throughout the year.